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Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity

The Federation of Surgical Specialty Associations does not appoint those who represent member Associations and it does not employ staff directly. The officers of the Federation are elected from those who have already sat on the FSSA as a Specialty Association President. As a result, the FSSA relies on the member associations, and all those with whom it works closely, having public facing, robust equality, diversity and inclusivity statements. Those statements are checked annually by the FSSA secretariat and officers.

It is appropriate, therefore, for the FSSA to have a published view by which the statements of others are measured.

‘The members of the surgical profession should reflect the population we serve and nurturing diversity and inclusivity within the family of surgery must be part of the way of life of every surgeon. The practice of surgery requires a just and fair approach without want or favour to patients and to all those with whom we work. Failing to do so is not appropriate for any surgeon.’

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