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British Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (BAOMS)

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Oral & Maxillofacial (OMF) Surgeons specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the mouth, jaws, face and neck.

OMF surgery is unique in requiring a dual qualification in medicine and dentistry, and is often seen as the bridge between medicine and dentistry, treating conditions that require expertise from both backgrounds such as head and neck cancers, salivary gland diseases, facial disproportion, facial pain, temporomandibular joint disorders, impacted teeth, cysts and tumours of the jaws as well as numerous problems affecting the oral mucosa such as mouth ulcers and infections.

Many OMF surgeons focus on one of these areas to develop a sub-specialist interest within the scope of the wider specialty.

Mr Patrick Magennis, Chairman of Council

Patrick Magennis is a consultant oral and maxillofacial surgeon based in the regional unit in Liverpool, having completed training there in 2001.

His job involves helping manage the huge facial trauma workload in Liverpool, but he has been working for and with BAOMS since he was the secretary then chair of the Medical Students' Group (now Junior Trainees' Group) in 1989.

His area of enthusiasm is training and trainees in OMFS, writing a handbook for trainees in 1990, designing the BAOMS's first website, and starting the annual National Training and Careers Days in 2007.

He runs the 'Register your interest in OMFS' link from the BAOMS website, sending useful information to anyone who thinks they want to know more about his specialty.

He is happy to be contacted by trainees or those interested in training through this link.



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