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Association of Anaesthetists

Association of Anasthetists website 

The Association of Anaesthetists is a professional membership organisation for anaesthetists in Great Britain and Ireland. Membership is open to those doctors practising or training in anaesthesia, or allied medical disciplines, principally intensive care and pain medicine. The Association’s motto in somno securitas (safe in sleep) encapsulates the major focus of the AAGBI: safety in anaesthesia.

The AAGBI is formed of two organisations that work closely together: the Association of Anaesthetists and its charitable arm, the AAGBI Foundation. Different aspects of the work of the AAGBI are conducted by each of the two organisations. The AAGBI headquarters at 21 Portland Place is owned by the AAGBI Foundation, which receives most of its income from a Gift Aid donation from the AAGBI.

Dr Mike Nathanson, President 

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